Applications for 2025-2027 training session will be reopened in Autumn 2024, but not before mid-October.




Curriculum Overview

The general objectives of this master are:

  • To incorporate knowledge for the development of competences and skills within management and product marketing with applications in the medical field
  • To enable students to adapt to change and overcome present and future challenges of the international market.


It also intends to push students to develop specific skills such as:

  • understanding and developing different scenarios from medical, technical, clinical and economic points of views;
  • developing methodological, social, cultural and personal skills;
  • acquiring knowledge about product management and marketing in the medical field;
  • being capable of engagement and flexibility in an international context.


Finally it promotes contact between students with different educational experiences at European HEIs and an understanding of Asian experience.


Thanks to the structure and content of the curriculum, students can achieve the following intended learning outcomes:

process and interpret clinical data; apply business orientation to the healthcare; interact with multiple stakeholders such as hospitals, biotech companies or health institutions; imagine new technical and business solutions to enhance patients’ well-being.

Thus, EMMaH will contribute to enhance the attractiveness of European Higher Education around the world and attract talent to Europe through academic cooperation and individual mobility.


Aside from the relevance of these scientific areas to the expansion of the medical industry, the geographic locations of this consortium’s 4 institutions bring unique added value to attract excellent students from around the world.

Students enrolled in EMMaH have access to training, facilities, hospitals, and expertise not available in one academic setting alone and only possible through the consortium cooperation.

Quick facts


Master in Medical Technology and Healthcare Business (120 ECTS)


Diagnostic Tools, therapies and public health Neurosciences and neural disorders Economics, finance and management

Mode of delivery

On campus


HAW Hamburg
ESS P.Porto
TMU Taipei




4 semesters